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A riddle for you

Q: What takes a lifetime to build, but can be lost with a single typo?

A: Credibility.

Credibility is the single most important asset you have. Without it, nothing you say or do matters. You can have the most meticulously researched, expertly crafted argument, but if you leave in a typo, a redundancy, or an inconsistency in styling and formatting, your audience will go away thinking you were sloppy and careless. You didn't give your work the careful attention it deserved.

Hiring a copy editor is a simple, foolproof way to ensure your work looks as professional as possible. Was your publication produced by committee? A copy editor will find those areas where arguments are repeated. Was it put together over multiple months? A copy editor will note where style or terminology has changed over the passage of time. Got a change you need made consistently over 100+ pages? A copy editor will put in the work and apply the sharp eye it takes to correct every single one of those instances, avoiding the errors that a simple find & replace can sometimes introduce.

Here are some things I do often for my clients:

1) I keep track of every single acronym and abbreviation in the document, and ensure they're introduced correctly at the appropriate stages (once a chapter, once an appendix, or only once in the whole document) and used thereafter.

2) I make sure you use an "and" or a "&" consistently when mentioning organization names, and I track all proper names to ensure they remain the same throughout the document.

3) I ensure elements like tables, lists, and headings are formatted consistently throughout your document. I check numbering or alphabetization every single time.

4) If I catch the slightest hint of a redundancy, I will go back to find the original statement and note the repeated argument or wording. Because I'm used to working with long documents, my memory is trained to recognize these things instinctively.

5) If you have a house style or a preferred terminology, I will do a pass through the entire document specifically to implement it. I have both the knowledge to use technological tools effectively and the sharp eye to work manually in a long document to ensure consistent application.

6) And let's not forget the basics: I'm always breaking down sentences in my head to ensure they're correctly put together, and I know both the rules and nuances of punctuation and spelling. My goal is the readibility, consistency, and credibility of your document.

Don't risk your credibility with a badly edited paper. Contact me today, and let's talk about how I can help you build credibility with every publication you release.

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